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Career Panel

How do I decide my career path? What should I consider when thinking about whether I fit better as an academic PI or a biotech scientist, or perhaps an analyst in a biotech investment firm? What makes an individual a better fit for Pharma vs biotech? How do these positions compare with positions in academia such as senior scientists and core directors? We have invited individuals from multiple disciplines to talk about their career, tasks and challenges and describe the personality, preferences and skill sets that better fit each career.

The career panle will take place Saturday December 9th from 1-2PM


Amy Wang: PhD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of Enspire Bio

Evan Taddeo: PhD, Vice President of biotech equity research at Guggenheim Securities, LLC

Karel Erion: PhD, Director of Preclinical Research at Capacity Bio, Mitochondria-Related Drug Development Comapy

Cristiane Benincá: PhD, Director of the UCLA Mitochondria Imaging Core

Laurant Vergnes: PhD, Senior Scientist at UCLA, Studies Cardiometabolic Disease

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